What is the St. John’s Wort plant?

St.-Johns-Wort-plant-abloomnova.net_ What is the St. John's Wort plant?

Wondering what a St Johns Wort plant is, and what the benefits are to you? There is a huge area of beauty, medicine and healthcare surrounding this plant. Thanks to Drugs.com, we explain all.

St. John’s wort is a perennial plant native to Europe, but now found throughout the US and parts of Canada. The plant is an aggressive weed found in the dry ground of roadsides, meadows, woods, and hedges. The petals contain black or yellow glandular dots and lines. There are about 370 species in the genus Hypericum, which is derived from the Greek words, hyper and eikon meaning “over an apparition,” alluding to the plant’s ancient use to ward off evil spirits. Harvest of the plant for medicinal purposes must occur in July and August; the plant must be dried immediately to avoid loss of potency. The dried herb consists of the plant’s flowering tops.

This plant has been used as an herbal remedy for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties since the Middle Ages. Many ancient herbalists, including Hippocrates and Pliny, recorded the medicinal properties of St. John’s wort. It was noted for its wound-healing and diuretic properties as well as for the treatment of back pain. In 1633, Gerard’s Herbal recorded the plant’s use as a balm for burns. The oil of the plant also was popular during this time. An olive oil extract of the fresh flowers that acquires a reddish colour has been taken internally for the treatment of anxiety, but also has been applied externally to relieve inflammation and promote healing. Its topical application is believed to be particularly useful in the management of haemorrhoids.

Although it fell into disuse, a renewed interest in St. John’s wort occurred during the past few decades, and it now is a component of numerous herbal preparations for the treatment of anxiety and depression. The plant has been used in traditional medicine as an antidepressant and diuretic, and for the treatment of stomach inflammation and insomnia.

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