How do you perk up tired skin?

Maria-Galland-Precious-Mask-abloomnova.net_-1600x1068 How do you perk up tired skin?

Suffering from a grey pallour? You have tired skin – and it’s not doing you any good. Tired skin is a symptom of an overall rundown system, and apart from eating better and working less, the other obvious deficiency is sleep.

Are you getting the full seven hours? Probably not. Using smart phones before bed, drinking alcohol, having busy lives and working too much can all cause poor sleeping behaviours. Sleeping needs to be kept to a strict schedule. Settle down at 11pm at the latest and wake up feeling a lot better at 7am.

We probably don’t need to tell you that a lack of sleep will have a massive impact on how tired you look. Not only can it affect your mind, it was also prevent your body from restoring itself properly.

Stylecraze informs us that the night-time is when our body’s natural circadian rhythm cycle to heal and restore itself happens, if you are not getting this vital rest time then your body and skin cannot recover.

Evidently, to not look tired we need to start with snoozing right. But how exactly can you achieve this?

Work out when you wake up: This will in turn help you sleep better and therefore make you feel more energised.

Regulate your sleep: Try, and we know it’s a difficult, to get at least seven hours of sleep each night to ensure you get enough rest. Also, and this might be heresy to some, you shouldn’t allow those massive lie-ins at the weekend, however tempted you might be. Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley explains: «Wake up 30-40 minutes earlier on weekends than you would usually to ensure that Monday morning shock to the system is minimised.”

Another thing we recommend – aside from eating good food and leaving the electrical items and alcohol alone – is getting a great skincare product to perk the skin up.

Babor Cleansing Rich Vitalizing Mask Pro is a rich, smooth gel mask for tired and dry skin. This mask encourages elasticity and provides moisture, leaving the skin firmer and revitalized.

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