How oxygen is essential in skincare

Babor-Skinovage-PX-Vita-Balance-Oxygen-Energising-Cream-2-abloomnova.net_ How oxygen is essential in skincare

When we came across Babor Skinovage PX Vita Balance Oxygen Energising Cream, we were impressed with the results, but wondered how effective oxygen was on the skin.

So to investigate, we turned to Effortless Skin, who explained just how powerful O2 is on our skin.

Every cell in the body goes through a golden period of optimum health, where it performs all its necessary functions at the highest level, kind of like hitting its prime. During this time in a cells life it breathes, communicates, grows and reproduces regularly which means it needs to consume a vast amount of oxygen to perform these tasks effectively. However, when the cells are exposed to external pollutants and environmental stressors, they become suffocated and struggle to receive enough oxygen from the blood stream to function properly.

In terms of skin cells, this disruption to the flow of oxygen causes problems at every level. On an epidermal level, oxygen loss can affect cellular nourishment and reproduction, leading to slow cell turnover. If we go deeper, the lack of oxygen can be felt on a dermal level as it hinders the fibroblasts’ ability to make and replace collagen, elastin and Glycosaminoglycans like Hyaluronic Acid. This leads to a weakened epidermal barrier and a complexion that looks dull, sallow and blotchy.

When scientists in the 1930s discovered that cellular respiration was higher in younger skin than older skin, the idea of upping skin’s oxygen intake was thought to help hold back or reverse the visible signs of ageing. Oxygen releasing skin care products soon became a ‘thing’ with everything from revitalising facials to healing topical creams going into production. Further research discovered that oxygen not only encouraged the skin to produce more collagen and stay looking youthful for longer but it was also found to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which could boost the healing process of damaged skin.

So it makes sense to use Babor Skinovage PX Vita Balance Oxygen Energising Cream, which combines the exclusive Osmo-Tec with the proven power of Alpine Stem Cells to maintain optimally healthy skin and prevent premature aging. Babor Skinovage PX Vita Balance Oxygen Energizing Cream delivers pure encapsulated oxygen directly to cells to instantly revitalize skin and give a radiant, rested appearance.

For dull/dry skin.


  • Hydrates and comforts.
  • Prevents premature aging.
  • Boosts skin’s defenses with antioxidants.
  • Formulated to enhance efficacy of active ingredients.

How to use:
Apply to clean, dry skin in the morning.

Active ingredients:

  • Osmo-Tec – Restores skin’s osmotic balance to improve cells’ ability to receive and process active ingredients.
  • Alpine Stem Cells – Stimulate and accelerate production of optimally healthy cells.

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