Looking after dry skin

IMG_2889 Looking after dry skin

For people with dry skin, especially those with atopic dermatitis (eczema) I recommend moisturising twice a day at a minimum. After bathing I find it helpful to use a petroleum jelly based lotion. These tend to be clear to off-white or yellow. While they do not add water to the skin they provide an excellent barrier and allow the water from the bath to stay in the skin. At the other end of the day (i.e. in the morning if bathing is at night) I recommend a water-based moisturiser. These tend to be white, and of varying thicknesses. There are many good options, and many are not overly expensive. I recommend getting one that is fragrence-free. Experiment to find the product that is best for you.

Biodroga Intense Moisture Formula Basic Moist Light Moisturising Fluid is an extremely light weight moisturising fluid that is now included in the New Intense Moisture Formula. Because it is such a favorite, it is the same product and formulation, now in new packaging. It contains highly concentrated moisturising ingredients and stores moisture with a lasting effect. Balances fine lines and wrinkles due to dry skin and makes skin appear visibly smoother, more delicate and firm. It can be used as a moisturiser for oily skin, or used under any of the other skin care moisturiser EXCEPT for the Intense Moisture Formula. The Basic Moist Fluid will hinder absorption of the key ingredients of the Intense Moisture Formula 24 Hour Care, 24 Hour Care for dry skin and Eye Care.

Biodroga Intense Moisture Formula Basic Moist Light Moisturising Fluid is very easy to use.

Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing. Follow with regular day or night care. Additional products can be omitted for oily skin.

This product contains very key ingredients: Hydroforte, Sea algae extract, Aloe Vera concentrate.

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