Cellulite facts — they might surprise you!

Thalgo-Defi-Cellulite-Intensive-Correcting-Cream-abloomnova.net_-1067x1600 Cellulite facts - they might surprise you!
Cellulite is a sad fact of life. Small women have it, big women have it — it’s one of those things that is tough to beat. However, we might have a product that helps…

But first, for our cellulite sisters, here are a few facts, thanks to Women’s Health Mag that might be of use.

Cellulite Is Not Fat
Don’t get the two confused: Cellulite is just the dimples and bumps that are seen when fat is divided into tiny pockets in the skin.

It’s More Common in Women Than in Men
How unfair is this? Women’s skin collagen is arranged in parallel rows, like pillars. This pattern lends itself to the compartmentalization of fat, which makes cellulite visible. Men’s collagen, however, is arranged in an X-pattern. This creates only very small fat compartments and doesn’t allow for dimpling of the skin.

Losing Weight Doesn’t Make Cellulite Disappear
Yes, having more body fat ups your chances of having visible cellulite. But even when you slim down, the tissue is still stretched and damaged. Genes, inflammation, and hormonal imbalances all affect how much cellulite you have, so even if you drop a ton of pounds, that doesn’t mean you’ll totally eliminate the stuff.

UV Rays Worsen the Appearance of Cellulite
One more reason to use sunscreen religiously: UV rays can damage collagen, making cellulite more noticeable. Remember to slather on the sunscreen.

One of favourite cellulite busting products is Thalgo Defi Cellulite Intensive Correcting Cream which has been formulated for women with compacted cellulite – (cellulite which is visible when standing without pinching the skin). This cream fundamentally corrects the structural alteration of compacted cellulite.

The Oxy Active technology, saturated with encapsulated oxygen and rich in Santalum, helps disperse pronounced cellulite and reinforce the skin’s resistance to unsightly dimples, for visibly smoother-looking skin.


  1. Apply the cream to target areas (thighs, buttocks, arms) with upward pressure movements.
  2. Perform circular massage movements with phalanges (finger tips) in a clockwise motion until the cream is completely absorbed.
  3. Work in using energetic kneading movements.

Active ingredients:

  • Sandalwood Seed
  • Encapsulated Oxygen
  • Oxy Active Technology

Significant reduction in the size and number of “dimples”.
Anti-orange peel effect: up to -66%
Improvement in appearance of skin’s surface: 95%
Slimming and refining effectiveness: 76%
Smoother and moretoned skin: 75%

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