How to get rid of cellulite

So before we begin to tell you how to get rid of cellulite, we have a short story for you.

There is a beautiful story happening at this moment: a girl who is a food lover and devoted in dessert making, spending years in the sea of knowledge on dessert making, one day she realized that cellulite crawls from her thighs, tummy and up to her shoulders. Not like any other typical story where you might find a sad girl or other dramatic stories, she reacted to this change the right way.  She doesn’t feel comfortable with it, and it also signifies a poor diet and a slower metabolism. While she embraces the happiness, laughter and warmth that dessert can bring people, unhealthiness is absolutely not the value she wants to tell other food lovers.

Start with your Diet:

And the story continues with a total diet evaluation, to get rid of cellulite, she started to maintain a balanced diet. A low calorie diet, with less snacking and trying out different foods which work for you. It cleansed her system, which stabilized hormone activity as well. Abloomnova is here to remind you that cellulite doesn’t grow only on people who are overweight, it’s about your lifestyle, your diet and exercise, that determines if you might get orange-peel skin. This will keep fat cells smaller and softer to avoid blockages and them being stored as cellulite. Because unflattering skin layers are a result of larger fat cells becoming crowded in one area and which leads to lumpy looking skin, this won’t be happening if we listen to our body.


Cellulite is a difficult body condition to tackle, and it takes a long time to get these layers of fat cells flatter and even. Exercise is the next step. So try what our friend did, she sticks with a daily walk to school and 30 minutes of pilates workout every night (some squats and upwards cycling), which boost her blood flow, rejuvenate her system and toned her body as a whole; with less snacking (or tasting she called it haha!) as well.


Massage the areas of cellulite daily by using creams that tighten skin and help to dislodge those fat cells which have set and hardened their outer layer. As well as brushing her body, we witnessed her cellulite getting lighter and lighter in two years, as a friend who has been watching her to grow and shine, I am truly proud of her in walking such a beautiful journey! You can also try holding a shower and running cool water over the areas of concern to stimulate blood flow. This is an effective ‘do-it-at-home’ way to get rid of cellulite.

And finally — Products to speed up the process:

So if you are also walking this journey, bear with Abloomnova as we take the responsibility of being there and updating the best cellulite creams and other products to speed up the process!  Oh and don’t forget if you spot any dessert with coffee ingredient in it, it might be made by her, which actually inspired one of her cellulite skin care product with a caffeine ingredients! Turns out caffeine isn’t just for getting you going in the morning.

Love xx



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