Should you start using alcohol free face toner?

7220609 Should you start using alcohol free face toner?

Face toners have fallen out of fashion over the past few years. It’s a shame, because toners are really good, and important, to the overall look of the skin. However, because most toners contain alcohol, women have not enjoyed the ‘stripping’ sensation these products create. But toners do so much more than this, which is why you should try an alcohol free face toner.

Toners that contain alcohol are well known to make dry skin drier, and oil skin oilier. There are many different types of alcohol but ethanol is the most common, especially in the cheaper toners. Ethanol creates the drying effect in these products, but it also acts as a solvent – meaning it removes all sebum and protective barriers of the skin. This frees up the access for toxins and other nasties to traverse the skin blood barrier and enter the body.

Something like Gatineau Gentle Silk Toner is one of favourite alcohol-free face toners. This is a soothing alcohol-free toning lotion designed to decongest irritated skin. It immediately cools the skin providing a refreshing, clarifying rinse after you remove make-up.

It is even gentle enough to use on the most sensitive stressed skins. It doesn’t dry, is pH balanced solution and is enriched with silk and cotton extracts to soften and comfort.

The alcohol-free toner rebalances the skin and closes the pores so they are tightened and the skin is rebalanced.

How to use this product: Use morning and evening. After pouring over two cotton wool pads, lightly sweep the toner over your face and neck and pat skin dry. For best results use after the Gatineau Gentle Silk Cleanser.

What makes this product so good is its ingredients. Silk powder calms and soothes, sericin nourish and protects, almond extract softens and comforts, and hazelnut extract desensitises and decongests.


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