Why makeup remover is SO important

best-form-of-calcium-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Why makeup remover is SO important

We’ve all been guilty of going to bed with our makeup still on – at least once in our lives. After a long night, or falling asleep by accident, or sheer laziness, it’s one of those things. I’d like to think 99 per cent of the time we crawl to the bathroom to remove it before bed. Yes, girls?!

Here we look at why using a makeup remover is so important.

Our body needs sleep and when while we’re flat out, our skin is working extra hard repairing the damage that occurred during the day. Weird and wonderful things happen with cells, hormones and blood vessels to make sure as much regeneration takes place as possible and we stay looking as youthful as possible. Sleep allows our skin to rejuvenate and to reverse the effects of free radical and environmental damage our skin is faced with every day, this is called cellular renewal.

What happens when we leave our makeup on at night?

Our pores become clogged. Which sounds gross enough, but when you think that it is our pores which sweat, produce sebum and help to shed dead skin cells, then Houston, we have a problem. The blocked pores produce more sebum to overcome the blockages which leads to very greasy skin and eventually acne as the skin fails to shed enough sebum, sweat, dirt, pollution, grease and dead skin cells. Urgh!

What about eye makeup – that is difficult to remove?

When we say everything should ideally be removed from your skin at night, we mean everything! Eyebrow colour, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow – the lot. Eyes are hugely delicate, and the skin around it thin and sensitive. That’s why when you don’t remove your eye makeup, maybe after a few cocktails, you wake up with a lot of sleep and eye gunk. Your eyes have been desperately producing salt water and excreting waste products to clean the area while you have been sending up the zeds. This will inevitably lead to infections. On top of this sleeping in mascara can eventually break eyelashes.

Yeah, so none of that was nice – which means, get a good, gentle makeup remover and leave your skin squeaky clean every night. You will thank yourself for it in a few years!


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