Beating the dreaded cellulite

Thalgo-Marine-Algae-Frigi-Thalgo-Lotion-Lotion-Aux-Algues-Frigi-Thalgo-abloomnova.net_-1600x1120 Beating the dreaded cellulite

Perhaps the only good thing about cellulite is knowing that most women have it. In fact some supermodels have confessed to owning a bit of orange peel on their thighs so, it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

But is it treatable? Here are some ways of reducing the amount of dimples on your body. Unfortunately, none of them include sitting on the couch eating a family sized packet of crisps. They all require a bit of work – but as our mothers said, you have to suffer in the cause of beauty! Thanks, btw, to AllDayChic for the knowledge…

Eat Healthy

Diet is an important part of any treatment you will make, because even if you try out our method, if you keep eating unhealthy foods, it won’t work. Imagine building a house everyday, brick by brick and by night someone(that is you) comes and destroys what you have built in the previous day. This is what you would do if you would keep eating unhealthy foods and try our treatment in the same time, it is called self sabotage. We know it is not your fault, when you look around there are too many unhealthy choices and it is hard to keep a healthy life, especially if you are busy, but it is not impossible. Ditch fast food meals, processed foods, foods high in fat, white bread and pasta. Introduce more vegetables and fruits in your diet and you will be thankful for this for a lifetime.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is extremely important in the process as it helps flushing the toxins out. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day! Water will also keep your skin hydrated!


It is an important part in any transformation of the body. Exercise will help you tone the muscles and burn the fat faster. It is important to do it regularly so you increase your heart rate and improve the circulation. In the below video you will find some exercises that you can try at home or anywhere:

Get massages

Massages are a great way to improve circulation of the affected area. It is known that cellulite is also caused by poor circulation so that means you have to do things that help you improve it which is exercise and massages. You can massage yourself at home with a special brush or you can opt for going to a salon where someone will massage you. Anti-cellulite massages are quite painful, we know that because we have tried them and they do give results. Why they are painful? Because during the process, the main purpose is to break down the fat cells and for that strong massages are required. If you want to improve your circulation at home, what you can do is to buy a cellulite brush and each time you have a shower, for 5 minutes massage the skin with the brush in circular motions, this will also tone the skin and make it smooth.

One easy peasy way of shifting cellulite is using Thalgo Marine Algae Frigi-Thalgo Lotion — Lotion Aux Algues Frigi-Thalgo.

Thalgo Frigi-Thalgo Lotion is a refining lotion that helps to improve the appearance of cellulite. It increases circulation, relieves tired and heavy legs, and tightens and tones the silhouette, particularly the thighs and buttocks. Vasoconstriction (hypothermic effect) helps eliminate fatty deposits in the abdominal area and arms. Thalgo Frigi-Thalgo Lotion reduces cellulite in the lower limbs.



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