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Matis-Shine-Control-Purifying-Care Opt-out Oiliness - Matis Shine Control Purifying Care

“Oily skin oily skin, stay away from me.” I whispered to the mirror in the front of me, a breeze of warmth slipped in. I was in Hong Kong, the daily nearly-tropical weather was so overwhelming to my skin; one minute you are iced in a mall, next minute you are melted under the sun, suffocated in low air pressured and sweated in a windless city. My skin got so weary from the tension, it got signals to produce sebum to keep it moisturized  constantly, from air-conditioned room and sun exploitation drying out our skin (and damage), while in the inner side of skin, it was dehydrated and probably tired out. Until I received Matis Shine Control Purifying Care cream, I started to feel better.

The cream is created for combination to oily skin, it’s in gel form and light in texture, but it is strong in terms of its matisebo system to balance our skins hydration and ‘oil’ level, very clever to communicate with our skin to reduces excess oil production and keep it matte and comfy. It is perfect for acne to reduce redness and purifies surface, along with modified AHA, it does exfoliate tiny skin cells on the surface to let it regenerate new and refined ones.

And let me share my experience with you on the last Sunday: In a regular Hong Kong summer at 30ish degrees Celsius, I queued for an hour outdoors for a really delicious bowl of noodles (I know it was crazy but its worth it!), and walked on slopes to the Coastal Defense Museum, where you have to go indoor and outdoor, ups and downs to check on different military spots. I sweated a lot throughout the day, but whenever I’m settled at a location, my face didn’t shine or look oily at all! Even when I went home at night, it was not the usual facial texture a person with combination skin should have- it looked clear, fresh and normal. Normal, what a simple yet wonderful word our skin persuade to have!

On top of the usage of the cream, where you will find your skin gets softer and gradually recovers from huge pores leaking oil (Ew!). Remember to stay away from alcoholic skin care product, a drop of it could irritate a larger area of your skin, a moment of refreshment and tighten of skin won’t last you long since it will only causes more oil production and ruin your day!

But before applying anything, let’s be honest to yourself: Have you drank enough water today? Not other drinks (teas/coffee), water is essential to regulate our body immune system, to keep blood circulation and to stay hydrated! Treat yourself to a cup of water now!

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