Thalgo Foaming Marine Cleanser for Combination Skin

Abloomnova is always fascinated by the delicate look that Thalgo presents for their gentleness and effectiveness in treating different types of skin.  To carry on our sharing on treating the best of yourself on combination skin, here we have the Thalgo Foaming Marine Cleanser, a one step solution in cleansing all ‘patches’ on your face.


As you can always spot shininess on the T-zone while sides of the face prone to normal (or unevenness due to whiteheads) depends on the weather on any combination skin type. This product is best suit for combination to oily skin, or even normal skin and irritated skin as this foaming lotion comes with six kinds of minerals which will keep your skin toned and well hydrated.


While people have stereotypes that foamy skin care products will strip away everything on our skin, this foaming cleanser can nourish and revitalize skin as it comes with eight kinds of amino acids. Do NOT think that this is the ‘element’ to dry out your skin, instead, it is the most gentle way for any combination skin to experience beginner level of polishing your skin without any ‘microbeans’ to massage throughout your face!  As well as its grapefruit extract that will keep your skin energised (and its an antioxidant!), and not to neglect that beautiful lily scent that makes you and your skin happy, what could we ask for more?


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Love xx



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