8 great ways to look after blonde hair

Davines-Alchemic-System-Alchemic-Shampoo-Golden-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 8 great ways to look after blonde hair

Blonde hair can look great, but it’s one of the more difficult hair colours to look after. For starters, getting hair blonde can take a lot of work, particularly if you’re going from dark. Blonde isn’t necessarily a colour you can achieve at home – to get a good finish and give your hair the best chance to adapting to the colour, use the services of a good colourist.

Here are some more tips, thanks to Stylecaster, on how to look after bleached hair. Do blondes have more fun? We don’t know, but it could be worth finding out!

  1. Use a UV protective spray. Especially in the summer but also year round, make sure you’re guarding your hair against harmful UV rays that can change the color and dry out strands.
  2. Get purple shampoo. Strange as it may sound, purple shampoo keeps your hair color from turning brassy, which can happen with other shampoos that aren’t specifically formulated for blonde hair. But only use purple shampooo once a week. Other washes, use a shampoo designed for everyday use, like Davines Alchemic System Alchemic Shampoo Golden which is a colour shampoo for blonde hair and honey blonde hair. This colour shampoo helps to enhance natural or cosmetic golden blonde and honey blonde hair.
  3. Deep condition often. If you’ve bleached your hair to be a blonde, you’ve already stripped it of some color and moisture. To avoid looking like you’ve got straw for hair, use a deep conditioning treatment, and use it often.
  4. Find a dry shampoo that works for you, and make sure it’s for blonde hair (not brunette). Refreshing your hair without shampooing will help keep the colour vibrant for longer.
  5. Trust your colorist. If you’re heading to the salon for highlights every 6-8 weeks, your colorist should only be applying bleach to your roots, not your ends. The ends are already bleached and can melt if too much bleach is used too frequently.
  6. If possible, use powdered bleach instead of liquid. Powdered bleach is less harsh than liquid, and will be much more gentle on your strands.
  7. Before going into a pool, use bottled water to get your hair wet. If your hair is already soaking wet when you go into a pool, it won’t soak up the chlorine in the water, which is what can turn blonde hair green.
  8. For natural highlights, mix pure lemon juice and water in a spray bottle and coat hair. Then, sit outside in the sun for about an hour and the lemon juice will naturally lighten up your hair a bit.

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