How a turnip has been used to volumise hair

IMG_4086 How a turnip has been used to volumise hair

If you suffer from fine limp hair, you’ll know that to get volume in your locks is mission impossible. Volumised hair requires thickness, strength and a fair degree of dryness. Thin, limp hair doesn’t cut the mustard unless you have some wonder products and tools to hand.

And we’re pleased to see Davines have done it again. VOLU Shampoo is an incredible formulation which promises to kick ass on limp or thin hair.

Oh, and it contains turnips!

Caprauna Turnip is a type of root vegetable specific to a small town in Italy. The product  has a large flat- rounded  root of a yellowish-white colour, and a sweet taste, the sweetness increasing with the intensity of the yellow colour. The root vegetable was traditionally sown on the terraces supported by dry stone walls after the corn harvest, and thanks to its high degree of resistance to low temperatures, it provided sustenance for the entire autumn. Cultivation in calcium-rich soils at altitudes of between 800 and 1500 m together with the presence of cereal stubble enhanced the growth and the sweetness of the root vegetable.

But it also contains vitamins and minerals which are essential for giving some oomph to hair.

Davines Essential Haircare VOLU / Shampoo has a formula which is designed to gently and thoroughly cleanse the hair making it soft and light, and giving body and volume.

The scent that characterises the VOLU family has a floral, green and aromatic note.

Apply onto wet hair, massage in gently and rinse after. Repeat shampoo application if necessary. For better results follow by application of VOLU mist.

Natural active ingredients:

Mixture of mild surfactants – to clean the hair without making it heavy.

Panthenol – gives moisture and shine to the hair.

Turnip from Caprauna – it gives body and volume to the hair.

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