How do you look after coloured hair?

Davines-Essential-Haircare-MINU-Shampoo-250ml-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How do you look after coloured hair?

When you’re colouring hair, you want it to look its best for as long as possible. But how do you look after it without it looking all washed out?

Here are some fab tips from the ever-reliable StyleCraze

  1. Chop Off The Damage

It is always a good idea to trim your hair right after it has been through any kind of processing. Damage after colouring your hair is inevitable, and trimming off the ends keeps this damage from spreading. If you are transitioning from a dark brunette to a platinum blonde, be prepared to shear off a considerable amount of length.

  1. Get The Right Products

Freshly coloured hair is vulnerable to damage and bleeding. To ensure that the colour lasts for longer and that your hair stays healthy, it is crucial to invest in some good colour-protecting products. Color-protecting shampoos and conditioners from a protective layer over the hair shaft, which keeps the colour from bleeding. While most colour-protecting shampoos work for warm-toned shades, go for a colour protecting, sulfate-free shampoo if you’ve opted for a cooler-toned shade. Sulfate-free shampoos are always a good option because they do not strip away the natural oils from your hair and also do not leave deposits, altering your hair colour.

  1. Cut Down Your Washes

Color bleeds when you wash your hair often so one of the best ways to make it last longer is to cut down on your washes. If you wash your hair 3-4 times a week, try cutting it down to 2-3 times. Not only will this help make the colour last but also preserve the natural oils produced by your scalp that nourish your hair.

  1. Rinse With Cool Water

Washing your hair with hot water causes the cuticles on the outer layer of your hair shaft to rise. This leads to moisture loss and frizz. It also makes your hair more susceptible to damage. An effective way to avoid this is to always rinse your hair with cool water. Cool water seals your cuticles, controlling frizz and sealing the colour in your hair shaft. If you cannot handle a cold shower, rinse your hair with some cool water after a lukewarm shower.

  1. Get A Good Dry Shampoo

While you can still rinse your hair in between showers, investing in a good dry shampoo is a good way to stretch out the time in between washes.

  1. Get A Good Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners contain silicones that form a protective layer over the hair shaft. This helps minimize sun damage and calms post-processing frizz. They also help protect your hair from the damage heat-styling tools tend to cause.

Davines Essential Haircare MINU / Shampoo 250ml is a shampoo for coloured hair. Its formula, characterized by a rich and full-bodied foam, is designed to gently cleanse coloured hair, protecting the colour and keeping it shiny for a longer period of time.

  • Caper from Salina – a protective action for hair.
  • Mixture of mild surfactants – to clean the hair without making it heavy.

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