Looking for salon hair products online?

salon-hair-products-online-abloomnova.net_ Looking for salon hair products online?

Your salon rests on a few things – staff, quality of service – and the standard of products you use. One of the things that makes Abloomnova popular is its range of incredibly high quality salon hair products online.

When you have a salon, you want to be providing the best and most unique hair brands on the market – and be one step ahead of any competition nearby.

But getting the best products often comes with a hefty price tag. Luckily, our products are salon sized and are priced to suit busy salon owners after a decent profit margin.

We offer brands that you will not only love but will suit the look and feel of your salon. They are easy to use – so your staff feel comfortable using them, and they are incredibly effective leaving your customers happy and satisfied and far more likely to visit again.

Not only that, but your customers may be tempted into buying the products on departure.

One of our biggest brands for haircare is Davine’s – a range of incredible and stylish products all catering for all types of hair – frizzy, bleached, dry, damaged – and everything in between.

A Davine’s Hair salon product we love: Davines Your Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo – Shampoo for All Hair Types 900ml

Prep Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse the hair leaving it light and soft. It is a hydrating and nourishing shampoo ideal for all hair types. Sulfate and paraben free formula.

We also provide La Biosthetique – a French brand that has earned its stripes by providing effortless, high quality care.

A La Biosthetique salon product we love: La Biosthetique Styling Fluid 1000ml

Styling fluid with UV filter gives hair a natural hold and hairstyle with volume and improved softness and shine. Perfect for natural, blow-dried styles, for drying naturally and for finishing wavy or permed hair. The UV filter integrated in Styling Fluide additionally forms a protective shield and effectively wards off sun exposure.

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