The benefits of a hair mask

Davines-Essential-Haircare-MINU-Hair-Mask-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 The benefits of a hair mask

If you are wondering what exactly is a hair mask, it is a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. There are many different beauty brands that carry hair masks and there are just as many hair masks you can make at home in your kitchen. According to the Talko, all of them have their pros and cons. Brand hair masks contain chemicals that some people want to avoid while homemade hair masks can be messy and clog drains. Both types of products do work, depending on your hair type, how often you use them, and if the brand or ingredients are right for your hair.

Hair masks are different from hair conditioners. Masks provide your hair with a deep conditioning because they are left on your hair for a longer period of time and they are made with different ingredients than regular conditioners. Over time, masks can nourish your hair, make it shinier, and can be an intrinsic part of your hair growth routine.

One thing you should bear in mind is that a hair mask isn’t a fix for split ends, the only thing that repairs split ends is a hair trim. Hair masks do not fix split ends, but they do act as a sort of bandaid, smoothing the hair shafts so that they feel and look smoother. After getting a hair cut, the continued use of a hair mask can go a long way towards preventing split ends in the future, allowing you to begin growing out a healthy mane of hair.

Davines Essential Haircare MINU / Hair Mask is ideal for coloured hair. Its formula is designed to deeply nourish coloured hair, it also makes it soft and silky, and improves the duration of cosmetic colour. It does not weigh down the hair.

The scent that characterises the MINU family has a citrus (orange blossom) and fresh note.

Apply to towel dried hair after using colour shampoo. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, comb through then rinse. Dry the hair.

Natural active ingredients includes Caper from Salina – a protective action for hair.

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