Our favourite toner for normal skin

toners-for-normal-skin-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Our favourite toner for normal skin

Looking for a toner for normal skin? Look no more, we have some corkers that come with our approval.

But just let’s explain exactly why, with the help of BodyandSoul.com, you should use a toner – even if you have normal skin.

Until just a few decades ago, people washed their faces with lye-based soap in hard water (water with lots of minerals in it because it was drawn from wells or came out of reservoirs, untreated with water softeners). If you’re old enough to remember old-fashioned soaps you can probably also remember the fatty scum they left on the bathtub; they did the same thing on skin. When people washed their faces they could still feel the residue after they rinsed and the hard water was drying on the skin.

So someone came up with toner, a liquid you could rub over your skin to help remove the scummy feel of the soap, and to soften and moisturise the skin after the hard water. As the toner evaporated, it felt cool and refreshing.

Early toners were mostly made of rosewater because it softened skin and left it smelling fragrant and feeling fresh. Later, it was discovered that alcohol got rid of the soap fat more thoroughly and also helped keep pimples under control, thanks to its drying effect.

The alcohol also preserved the toner and acted as an anti-bacterial on the skin. It felt cooling, bracing and invigorating. Is it any wonder people loved their astringents, or “skin tonics” as they called them years ago?

If you find a product irritating, stop using it immediately. Witch hazel, which is generally made of a blend of alcohol and the bark of the witch hazel plant, is a traditional astringent. Also look for products containing rosehip and aloe for their healing effects.

Toners for normal skin normally contain a balance of astringents and calming ingredients. We love the following:

Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner — helps the skin’s natural process of cleansing and renewal. Minimizes the appearance of pores, balances moisture and oil content leaving skin looking and feeling healthy, toned and radiant. Facial Toner is the ideal daily care product for skin that is in need of regeneration.

Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Toner — with skin-soothing botanicals, is ideal to refresh your skin after cleansing, and remove all impurities and leftover traces of makeup. The complexion is perfectly prepared for your day or night cream, and feels smooth, bright and clear with a natural, healthy and radiant glow.

Thalgo Pure Freshness Tonic Lotion — A fresh toning lotion to be used after the Foaming Marine Cleanser or the Pure Freshness Cleansing Milk.


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