Soothing hypersensitive skin

Babor-Skinovage-PX-Calming-Sensitive-Daily-Calming-Cream-abloomnova.net_-1600x1068 Soothing hypersensitive skin

When people think of sensitive skin, they often imagine someone whose face is prone to redness from beauty products. This is not that type of skin sensitivity. When skin is sensitive to touch but no rash is involved, it falls under a category called “allodynia.”

Allodynia is when the skin hurts to touch in response to things that shouldn’t normally cause a pain response; the usual examples are clothing or temperature changes.

What type of products can you use on hypersensitive skin? Believe it or not, there is a massive market for products forumlated to provide gentle and effective results on problem skin like this. One of our favourite brands, Dr Hauschka specialises in this, and Dr. Hauschka Soothing Intensive Treatment is an incredible product for soothing, relieving and nourishing hypersensitive skin.

Facial Treatment for Hypersensitive, Stressed and Reactive skin (Formerly: Intensive Treatment 03)

Dr. Hauschka Intensive Treatments with specially selected natural treasures in rhythmitised form complement the basic skin care routine. They support the skin when it has become unbalanced and needs a harmonising impulse. Soothing Intensive Treatment offers powerful and strengthening care for hypersensitive, stressed, reddened and troubled skin.


Rhythmitised dilutions of botanical extracts of anthyllis and bryophyllum work with gemstone black tourmaline to calm, soften and stabilise stressed, reactive skin. Soothing Intensive Treatment strengthens the skin and helps it to define itself.

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Intensive Treatment is for skin conditions like hypersensitive, stressed and reddened skin

How to use:

Skin cells are renewed every 28 days. Mirroring this same regenerative cycle, Soothing Intensive Treatment should be used as skin care for 28 days in place of Facial Toner or Sensitive Care Conditioner.

After morning and evening cleansing, mist 4-5 pumps onto the face, neck and décolleté then gently press into the skin. One bottle should provide a full 28 day course.

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