Why a cucumber toner is the easiest way to feed the skin

cucumber-toner-abloomnova.net_-1600x1200 Why a cucumber toner is the easiest way to feed the skin

It is good to know that the cheapest of produce can have a transformative effect on our skin and bodies. Cucumbers may be 90 per cent of water, but they also contain some incredible minerals and nutrients which are wonderful for the skin. A cucumber toner is one of the most common homemade beauty therapies that we can produce ourselves. So what is in the cucumber that is so beneficial?

In 2013, a study published in “Fitoterapia,” a journal dedicated to medicinal plant research, took an in-depth view into the bioactive compounds that make cucumber juice beneficial for skin care. The report identifies a variety of compounds that make cucumber juice “nourishing” for the skin.

The authors of the study conclude that all these compounds helps provide the cucumber with a number of skincare benefits which include a skin-soothing effect that eases irritation, reduces swelling and even alleviates sunburns. Cucumber also offers antioxidants, which combat skin-damaging free radicals.

Author Allison Tannis mentions in an article called “Feed Your Skin, Starve Your Wrinkles” has explained a bit more about the skin benefits of the humble cucumber. In addition to its hydrating water content, which lends the skin moisture and reduces puffiness, the vegetable packs vitamin C and caffeic acid, both of which soothe inflamed or irritated skin. By juicing your cucumber with the skin on, silica from the peel helps firm up sagging skin. Melissa Breyer, co-author of National Geographic’s “True Food,” notes that because cucumbers have the same pH as skin, they help maintain the its protective acid mantle — the thin acidic film on your skin that wards off impurities.

There’s a face toner made from cucumber which stabilisers the pH value. Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Cucumber Toner 500ml contains a garden cucumber extract whose cleansing and vitalizing effect has been known in traditional popular medicine. It also contains urea to increase the moisture – binding capacity of the skin.





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