Fragile skin – one of the signs of ageing

Biodroga-Cleansing-Foam-Creamy-Normal-and-Combination-Skin-200ml-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Fragile skin – one of the signs of ageing

We all know that skin loses its shape, discolours and wrinkles as we get older – but did you know that it also thins? Fragile skin is one of the symptoms of ageing, and as a result has to be treated carefully.

According to Derm Review, thin skin, also known as fragile skin,is a problem that can affect anyone, from any demographic. Thin skin is characterised by a sagging appearance and a higher visibility of veins and capillaries under the skin. This problem is not unique to any part of the body, but is more troublesome on the face and hands, because it is more visible in those areas. When looking for thin skin treatment, it is important to first understand what causes the problem and to have realistic expectations about improvement.

Thin skin occurs when the growth and division of skin cells begins to slow down. Cell division and growth are essential to skin rejuvenation, and if this process slows, the skin layers will not be replenished properly and will lose elasticity. If this wasn’t troubling enough, the fatty cells in the skin also begin to lose luster with age, leading to hollow areas and thin skin. Fatty tissues under our skin is important, as it acts as a buffer between the hard objects we come in contact with in our everyday lives and our blood vessels. Without this much-needed cushion, bumping up against a table may cause your skin to literally tear.

The best approach to treating thin skin is to first diagnosing exactly why it is thinning in the first place. Of course, the biggest culprit is age, but there are other big reasons. For example long-term use of certain medications containing steroids may cause the skin to become thinner over time. There are also inflammatory skin diseases that could cause the condition, as well as thin skin brought about by long term exposure to the sun.

Ella Bache La Creme Tres Riche Eternite — Eternal Very Rich Reconstructing Cream is a wonderful anti-aging moisturising cream for fragile skin.

Designed for hyper-fragile skin, this treatment enriched with OmegAge (Omega-3 and -6), vitamins E-A-B2, carotenoids and phyto-hormones (genestein, sulforaphane) regenerates the skin and restores its substance, firmness and comfort.


Ella Bache Eternal Very Rich Reconstructing Cream has a ultra-comfortable texture: dry-oil finish on the skin (nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy film).

How to use:

Apply the size of a pearl onto your fingers and gently massage onto the skin morning and/or evening after Eternal Booster. Discover the Beauty Recipe Complexion Perfection for an anti-blemish effect.



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