Why it’s important to moisturise when you’re 50+

Babor-Fluids-FP-Moist-Lipid-Revitalizing-Oxygen-Fluid-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Why it’s important to moisturise when you’re 50+

If you’re 50 years or over, you might need to review your skincare regime. Your skin is undergoing some major changes (groan!).

Gravity and the natural ageing process will mean your skin has lost elasticity and is thinner and more delicate with more lines and some pigmentation.

However, according to NetDoctor there is plenty you can do to achieve a healthy-looking complexion well into your 50s.

Thanks to the menopause, levels of oestrogen and water content in your skin cells drop, which has a drying effect on your skin and also makes it slacker, since oestrogen stimulates oil and collagen production. In extreme cases you may suffer with rosacea.

What were fine lines in your forties are now turning into deeper wrinkles. Your skin is thinner too because you have less subcutaneous fat.

Hormonal fluctuations may cause the odd breakout, but is more likely to leave your skin feeling parched and sensitive, so skincare should soothe and repair.

You should be filling your bathroom cabinet with powerful anti-ageing ingredients, of a more cosmeceutical nature.

Gatineau Age Benefit Ultra-Regenerating Night Elixir is formulated with the highest concentration of Age Benefit™ Technology, this powerful anti-ageing treatment works to correct pigmentation flaws, smooth lines and wrinkles, boost radiance, firm and rehydrate the skin all while you sleep. Enriched with Artichoke Leaf and Hibiscus Extract to delay the signs of ageing, this night-time miracle worker rejuvenates the skin for a glowing and youthful complexion.

This cream is suitable for aged 50 years and beyond, and you’ll soon notice that day after day the skin regains radiance. The skin’s surface is smooth and more youthful in appearance.

Can be used daily or as a treatment. Apply to the face and neck avoiding the eye area. Use 1-2 pumps every evening, either alone or before your moisturiser. Alternatively, use as a 21-day treatment 3-4 times a year.

Active ingredients:

  • Ceramides & Peptides: Moisturise and plump the skin.
  • Kollaren: Encourages tissue renewal and improves firmness.
  • Sea Kale: Provides powerful protection from free-radicals.
  • Calcium: Strengthens the epidermis by stimulating cellular renewal.

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