Do you REALLY need to use eye cream?

Guinot-Creme-Eye-Fresh-ablommnova.net_ Do you REALLY need to use eye cream?

Certain skin care products are non-negotiable. We all have those items that we couldn’t live without — usually, a cleanser, a sunscreen and a moisturiser will always be must-haves. But there are a few that people feel a little sceptical about. Eye creams are the perfect example of this. helps us create an argument for these little jars and tubes.

Why should you use eye cream?

The eyelid is the thinnest skin on the body and since it’s constantly active (we blink 10,000 times a day), the skin around the eye area is the first to show age, so it stands to reason that they need a little extra TLC.

To that end, eye creams are typically designed to be lighter in texture than facial moisturisers. Heavy creams can increase fluid retention and exacerbate eye puffiness. Plus, regular moisturizers don’t have specific ingredients that address dark circles by targeting weakened blood vessels to counteract the leakage that causes them.

What ingredients should you look for?

Think of your eye cream as you do your morning coffee: An instant pick-me-up. The perfect eye cream will contain caffeine to constrict the vessels under the eyes to decrease puffiness. It would also ideally include peptides to stimulate collagen production, antioxidants to prevent free radical damage to the skin and niacinamide to reduce discolouration. A great day eye cream might also contain mica, a light reflecting ingredient that helps camouflage dark circles.

Who should have one in their beauty routine?

While it’s easy to explain why eye creams are effective, the question of who should be using them is a bit more complicated to answer. There isn’t a specific age where you need to be incorporating an eye cream into your routine, but people with excessively dry skin, very noticeable dark circles or developing crow’s feet are the best candidates. Prevention, however, is a much more effective tactic and easier than repair. Taking care of the skin around your eyes while you in your 20’s will slow down the clock.

Abloomnova’s recommendation

Guinot Creme Eye Fresh reduces eye puffiness and dark circles, tones the eye contours and instantly brightens and refreshes the eyes. Dot product around the eye area in the morning and/or evening. Use the applicator to massage product into skin.

Active component: Veinofresh Complex (Horse chestnut extract, Caffeine and Dermochlorella): Combats puffiness and dark circles by boosting the microcirculation, removing fat and detoxifying the eye contours.

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