First wrinkles? Firming sources from Guinot just for you!

This product group from Guinot is focused on wrinkle-prone skin when age or fatigue lines begin to form and the facial contours start to change.

At this age (27-35) it is beneficial to reactivate vital functions of your skin and boost the elasticity.

first-wrinkles First wrinkles? Firming sources from Guinot just for you!Products you should use to beat the first signs of aging:

  • Guinot Creme Fermete Lift 777 — Lift Firming Cream
  • Guinot Creme Energie Lift – Rich Lifting Night Cream
  • Guinot Liftosome – moisturizer with lifting effect
  • Guinot Serum Liftosome – Lifting and Firming Serum
  • Guinot Masque Energie lift – Energising Lifting Mask

Key ingredients for Firming sources are Pro Collagen and Dermostimuline — Vitamin C.

Beauty therapists advise not to miss the moment when the wrinkles start to develop. Exactly then you should start using anti wrinkle products. If the moment has already missed, it is difficult or even impossible to reverse the aging process.

Still, if you haven’t noticed the wrinkles at the very first moment, it is very important to start using these products to prevent the appearing of new wrinkles.

Your skin type/condition is important too and the best is to ask for advice to your beautician first or you can contact us directly too — !

Best wishes and lot of happiness in your heart!

With love,

Abloomnova xx


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