Guinot Age Sun Yeux SPF 30

To keep on the momentum in getting a healthy, bronzed, glowy look for the summer, we should never miss our delicate eye area, so other than the bronzing sunscreen by Guinot we introduced to you yesterday, it also comes along with an ultimate anti-aging sun care eye cream — Guinot Age Sun Yeux SPF 30!

This bronzy packaging comes with a mission, as skin around our eyes is the most delicate part of our body. We are sure that no one could afford the damages when sun slips through our sunglasses!  So this product helps keep the tan, while promoting skin cells so you won’t be paired up with a beautiful tan and a pair of dark circles, nor will you get a weird light circle as you put on your sunglasses on the day and eye creams which usually brightens your skin tone. Abloomnova staff love this product for it’s all round supporting wellness of our skin, it has same technology as the sunscreen where it facilitates with DNA and 56 active ingredients in protecting your skin, and also serving our desire in getting a evenly tanned face for the summer, when it comes so easily in damaging our skin cells and early signs of wrinkles or sun spots. Its anti-aging ingredients we trust, as Guinot has been our family member from the beginning of Abloomnova!  So when you are going away for a holiday in the sun, apply it on the contours of your eyes and reapply every two hours would be ideal, and of course don’t forget your sunglasses or a cute straw hat!

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