Guinot Beaute Neuve — review and personal experience

Starting from today I will go through each product in detail and will give you as much information as I can, including my personal experiences of Guinot products. I have been using Guinot for 6 years and at the moment I think this is the best trademark for skin care so far. Because of my job I have started to test different skincare brands within last 6 months, but returned back to some Guinot products already

Guinot Creme Beaute Neuve — radiant glow moisturizer, Cellular renewal

Guinot-Beaute-Neuve---Radiance-Renewal-Cream-50ml_527665 Guinot Beaute Neuve - review and personal experience

I used this cream as a first Guinot product after using Avon 🙂 You can imagine how my skin felt — it was a completely different class… When I finished my pot of cream many small wrinkles had disappeared and my skin was radiant and glowing.

What really happened to my skin?

The epidermis is renewed every 30 days, but with age, fatigue, exposure to the sun, pollution or smoking Cellular Renewal slows down.

At the epidermis level the skin is not getting the oxygen it needs and accumulation of dead skin cells is inevitable. As a result you have a dull, gray complexion lacking radiance.

Also because of lack of support and cell cohesion at epidermis level the result is your skin has lack of firmness and accentuated wrinkles.

If your skin is dull and devitalized you need Beaute Neuve cream – to restore Radiance and Youthfulness Through cell Renovation and Vitamin C.

This cream restores the skins natural radiance; reduces imperfections and smooths the skins surface, visibly reduces pigmentation. The face looks younger; the skin is smoother and more radiant.

Key active ingredients are Vitamin C, Bio peptides and soft focus powder.

Vitamin C – exfoliating action and anti free radicals.

  1. Vitamin C gives you the anti-aging action protects tissues against free radicals as a result the skin has beneficial effect against skin aging.
  2. Firming action stimulates collagen production
  3. Radiance action promotes the exfoliation of dead cells, slows the action of tyrosine (an enzyme responsible for natural tanning), and reveals the skins natural radiance.

Bio peptides — promote firmness

  1. Simultaneously stimulating the elastic fibres, elastin and collagen which promote firmness.
  2. Helps the skin regain firmness and tone.

As a result you have softer skin.

Soft focus powders — makes the skins surface look smoother.

  1. Smoothes the skin’s texture.
  2. Softens and boost the skins natural glow.

As a result you have visibly smoother skin.

Creme Beaute neuve has proven effectiveness and after a month of treatment firmness and moisture in skin is increased by 28% average.

Use morning and night or when skin lacks radiance and vitality.

If your skin is tired and dehydrated please do not forget to exfoliate it once  a week and drink more water as your skin also is a mirror of your inner health. Also you can use a mask for a skin renewal effect in 15min.

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