Guinot Gommage Grain d’Eclat

How’s your Spring/Summer skin care routine going? We are feeling more of Springy and Summery lately and ready to introduce you the 2nd week of our recommended products to get you ready for the blue sky!

Exfoliator; key to a perfectly smooth and clean face, while there’s a beauty myth that most of us are not suitable for these grains to rub on your skin, but it’s really about the quality of your exfoliator, and when talking about quality, Abloomnova always have the best for you!

Here we have Guinot Gommage Grain d’Eclat — Gentle Exfoliating Cream, we are very sure it is the best exfoliator among all the brands in the market; suitable to all ages and skin types, even sensitive skin!  (Note: for lovelies who are suffering severe breakouts and rashes, no skin care product is better than to give a visit to a trusted doctor)

exfol Guinot Gommage Grain d'Eclat

So after cleansing, I personally use Guinot Cleansing Water to prepare my skin, by understanding my sensitive skin has been suffering a few new branded products that don’t really fit, and under the current transformation of weather. To use this water to swipe my face, skin instantly feels softer, while this is enriched with White Lily Bulb Extract, it also has a refreshing scent that you would fall in love with!

So let us get down to the steps of exfoliating:

First, we recommend for everyone to exfoliate once to twice a week;

— For acne prone skin, scrub the on areas without redness or severe breakouts;

— For older/mature skin, it’s better to exfoliate once a week, in fitting a gentler metabolism and time for skins to regenerate.

To get started, use a warm cloth and pat it on your face to open up your pores before exfoliate;

— Use the exfoliator in circular motion for 1 minute, pay more attention to the ‘hidden’ areas such as sides of nose, temple of forehead and areas around jaw, we always miss these parts when they are ‘out of sight’ as we look into the mirror, but hair and dirt always covered these areas that would have more dead cells and hidden blackheads(or white) then you can think of!

Another controversy is that it’s better to have exfoliator in the morning since skin regenerate at night, and dead skin lies on in the morning — I believe it is theoretically correct, yet if we observe the rule that we should avoid sun after exfoliating, we actually couldn’t put this into practice. For more, it’s a pampering step (Try this Guinot lifting mask to finish off your most pampering and luxurious skin care night!) for your skin care routine before sleep, so it’s really fine in either way.

Lastly, let’s make our own free exfoliator! Simply grab salt or sugar to mix with your favourite oil (e.g. Coconut, Jojoba or baby oil, up to what you have in the house!), pop them into a jar and there you have your own body scrub!  We only recommended you to apply these on your body because of the graininess of salt/sugar is a bit rough for the skin on your face. And sure these natural ingredients don’t have any technologies but they do remove stubborn dead skin cells that could have piled up during winter!



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