Guinot Uni Bronze SPF 15

Embarrassing moments do happen durring summertime, when we are all dressed up and ready to sunbathe, and here we are sharing what happened to one of our Abloomnova staff not long ago…

As she was invited to Brighton over the weekend to go sunbathe, after trying on a gradual tanning lotion which she casually brought from a drugstore, and on the box it said it will gradually build up a natural tan, ended up having a pigmented, uneven marks left on her legs that she couldn’t get off for days!  Luckily it’s all good now, but what is the product we would like to recommend you to get a healthy, bronzed, glowy look? We have Guinot Uni Bronze SPF 15 here for you!  Since it’s a SPF15, which is perfect to prepare your skin for the holiday mood, and we personally think office ladies can apply this on the weekdays to gradually get a light tan, or until you are ready for an outing. We are so happy with the evenness of tan we got from this product!  For more, you can continue to apply it on after you have been sunbathing to help maintain your tan. Its NUCLEIC DEFENSE® DNA technology is working with your DNA molecules to prevent your skin from UV rays and other damages from skin!


Did you even have similar embarrassing moments? Share with us!


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