How do I get the right Guinot skin care products for my skin?

Guinot-skin-care-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How do I get the right Guinot skin care products for my skin?

With a huge range of skincare products to tighten, lighten, calm, soothe, moisturise, cleanser and a dozen other responsibilities, how do you choose what Guinot skin care products are right for you?

Some tips from include:


Do know your skin type: Before purchasing over-the-counter skin care products there are some basic facts to know. Whether skin is dry, oily or sensitive could greatly impact how the product interacts with your skin.

Do create a daily skin care routine: The key to success with most skin care products is repetition. Establishing a daily routine is important, especially with anti-aging creams. Don’t be discouraged, it may be six to eight weeks before seeing improvements with over-the-counter remedies.

Do be cautious of “miracle” products: Skin care products that seem “too good to be true” probably are, so use your best judgment. Reputable product lines are the best bet and likely to be most effective and safe.


Don’t buy products without doing research: When purchasing products read the labels to find the active ingredients. If there are ingredients that are unfamiliar, look them up to find out how they work. For example, products claiming to contain Botox could be deceptive as Botox is only effective when injected directly into the underlying muscle.

Don’t forget to use products that contain sunscreen: Protecting skin from the harsh sun is important. Choosing beauty moisturizers and creams that contain at least SPF 30 is crucial and will help to maintain youthful looking skin.


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