Introducing Guinot

I would like to introduce you with all the sides of Guinot and also a little bit of an analysis of the difference between them. I really love my job and I am so happy to help you by putting these things in right order.

Guinot – a brand we started our business with 5 years ago and one of the world’s favourite cosmetic brands. Guinot have kept their quality and development even through these years and keep offering new products each year.

Guinot_products Introducing Guinot


Let’s start with sorting the products in groups to make it easy to understand why there is so many different products and what benefits they have.

I will explain each product group/each product – how to use it and I will add my personal experience with the products I have used. Feel free to share your experience in comments below.


  1.     Cleansers, toners and exfoliators
  2.     Moisturizing sources – Moisturizers
  3.     Confort sources – Dry Skin
  4.     Firming sources – Anti-wrinkle/Anti-aging
  5.     Youth sources – Devitalized skin
  6.     Purifying sources – Oily Skin
  7.     Calming sources – Sensitive Skin
  8.     Radiance sources – Tired, Dull skin
  9.     Newhite – pigmented skin, brown spots
  10.     Specific care – eye, lips, neck, hands
  11.     Body products
  12.     After Epilation and Hair Removal care
  13.     Sun care
  14.     Salon Treatments

I will go step by step through each group in the following posts. The key is understanding all the goodness you can get to have a more beautiful, radiant and soft skin without black spots and wrinkles!

Have a very nice day and remember – the real true beauty comes from the inside!

With Love,

Abloomnova xx


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