Soothing sources for sensitive skin from Guinot

Do you have sensitive skin? Perhaps I can give you a clue on how to overcome this problem and start a ‘new life’.

In this section I will explain the full range of Guinot products with focus on sensitive skin from the Calming source.

As a part of product formulas Guinot used Lymphokinine, Veinoderm and Omega 6 to achieve the best possible result to sooth and protect your skin.

sensitive-skin Soothing sources for sensitive skin from Guinot












Products from this range:

  • Guinot Demaquillant Hydra Sensitive — gentle cleanser for Sensitive skin
  • Guinot Creme Hydra Sensitive — desensitizing cream
  • Guinot Serum Ultrasensitive — deep desensitizing skincare for Sensitive skin
  • Guinot Masque Hydra Sensitive — Mask for Sensitive Skin
  • Guinot Douceur de Vie — regenerating and desensitizing cream with SPF15
  • Guinot Red logic — Reduces the appearance of red patches and soothes skin
  • Guinot Creme Protection Reparatrice — a protective shield, repairing, soothing care for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin be very careful with sun and use creams with SPF to protect sensitive areas. Also if you try new cream do not apply to all skin, to start try a small area to check skin reaction to the new cream.

Hope you enjoy your day!

With love,

Ablooomnova xx

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