The best Guinot face products (in our humble opinion)

Guinot-l1 The best Guinot face products (in our humble opinion)

We’ve banged long and hard about our love for Guinot. This is the brand that combines high quality ingredients, years of laboratory research and incredible results. It is no surprise that salon and spa owners choose Guinot as the brand that represents their approach to beauty and skincare.

But it’s also loved by countless individuals who choose Guinot as the go-to brand for their skincare routine at home. With this end, we look at the best Guinot face products in our arsenal…

Guinot Hydrazone — Moisturizing Cream All Skin Types 100ml

Guinot Hydrazone is a great all-rounder cream for all types of skin types. The product gives your skin a non-stop source of hydration as it retains water in the skin, gives you continuous hydration, softens skin and brings back your skin’s radiance.

This cream contains powerful “Hydrocyte” liposomes. These liposomes are key ingredients which allow microspheres that are used in pharmacy as a means of penetration. Their uniqueness is a structure similar to that of cell membranes, which gives them extraordinary properties. “Hydrocyte” liposomes are loaded with water hydrating the epidermis, whilst providing a non-stop source of hydration to the skin.

(By the way, if you suffer from really dehydrated skin though, use Guinot Hydrazone for Dehydrated Skin which gives you an extra boost.)

Guinot Double Ionisation Serum Gel Anti-Rides — Anti-Wrinkle Face Gel 150ml

This anti-ageing gel is part of the Hydradermie treatment. If you’re at all concerned with the ageing of your skin, this is a wonderful product and a real alternative to aesthetic medicine, Hydradermie Youth stimulates cellular energy, for a youthful looking skin.

Wrinkles are visibly faded. Your face shines with new radiance and the tired look on your face has been relaxed. Contains cell living environments: (includes vitamins, amino acids and trace elements), which regenerate the skin. Also contains biopeptides: help reinforce elastic tissue and trace elements, to revive vital functions.

Guinot Hydra Tendre — Soft Wash-off Cleansing Cream 150ml

A gentle cleansing cream for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It cleanses and removes make-up for a fresh complexion. This product contains coconut extracts which allow gentleness in its purest form with coconut derivatives and their extraordinary velvety softness effect.

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