Growing old gracefully with the right skincare

Gatineau-Melatogenine-AOX-Probiotics-Essential-Skin-Corrector-abloomnova.net_-1600x1117 Growing old gracefully with the right skincare

If you’ve stood in front of a mirror recently, stroking your face in an attempt to train your skin where to sit on your face, you’ll be one of millions of men and women around the world.

Sadly, as we age, all those wonderful ingredients in our complexion breaks down. The collagen, elastin and fat break down and skin begins to sag.

Those first early signs show up around our late thirties and progress quickly through our forties and fifties. For some people, it can start even earlier, with sun damage and bad diets all lending a hand in premature ageing. Sometimes, it’s just a simple case of genetics — just as you get sixty-year-olds who have baby faces, there are young people with crows feet.

Before resorting to anything drastic like surgery, you need to find products that work for you. It can be a good moisturiser, chemical peels, steams or facial treatments that can help rejuvenate your skin.

Growing old gracefully is helped with a little skincare help where possible. Anti-aging creams for the face and body can be found in supermarkets, drugstores and even some convenience marts. When your cells lose their ability to regenerate and the collagen and elastin production decreases, it allows wrinkles to form.

Some skincare products offer collagen and elastin in the formulation itself. La Biosthetique Menulphia Regenerante — Intensive Care Cream for Dry Skin is one of these products — it’s a non-greasy regenerating cream for normal, slightly dry to demanding skin. Slows down the elastin breakdown so that the skin keeps its vigour. The skin becomes distinctly smoother and firmer.

How to use:
Apply Menulphia Regenerante as part of the evening and/or morning care to the cleansed, toned face and neck.

• Fatty acids protect the skin.
• Vitamin C and palm oil combat wrinkles and skin ageing.
• DPHP (lipo-amino acid) stimulates the skin’s cell regeneration.

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