How coconut oil is amazing for conditioning hair

La-Biosthetique-Beaute-Conditionneur-–-Conditioner-for-Beautiful-Hair-abloomnova.net_-1600x1054 How coconut oil is amazing for conditioning hair

We love coconut oil. And hot off the coconut oil bandwagon, we’re applying it to most areas of our lives, not least our hair. We were happy to see it feature in La Biosthetique Beaute Conditionneur – Conditioner for Beautiful Hair, which is one of our favourite conditioners. This product not only smells gorgeous, but repairs small structural damage and gives the hair resistance and softness. The moisturising effect leaves your hair shiny without weighing it down and is suitable for the whole family – if you want to share it that is!

But why is coconut oil so great on hair? According to LiveStrong, coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair. Polynesian cultures historically have and still do use extra virgin coconut oil as a beauty product, notes the Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu, Hawaii. A study published in the «Journal of Cosmetic Science» in 1999 found that coconut oil applied to the hair reduced hair breakage, and another study in 2005 from the Journal of Cosmetic Science noted that coconut oil penetrated the hair follicle better than the most common ingredient in hair conditioners, mineral oil. According to the book «Coconut Oil: Amazing Health, Skin And Cooking Benefits» by Gene Ashburner, aside from making a great moisturizer for hair and scalp, the oil has been used as a natural remedy to combat frizz; get rid of dandruff; remove and prevent lice; and promote hair growth. Coconut oil can even be used to extract chewing gum from hair. While the oil can improve scalp health, therefore improving the conditions for growing thicker, fuller hair, it does not treat the underlying cause of hair loss and cannot be relied on for treating baldness related to dihydrotestosterone. According to some sources, coconut oil can also soothe cradle cap, an issue commonly seen in babies. Its antibacterial properties may ward off folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles, and may also fight fungal infections, such as ringworm of the scalp. You can easily replace expensive, deep-conditioning salon treatments by using this great smelling oil as a hair conditioner at home.





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