What should I use, astringent or toner?

La-Biosthetique-Visalix-Purifiant-–-Purifying-Toning-Lotion-abloomnova.net_-1211x1600 What should I use, astringent or toner?

There are lots of things that need to be taken into account with skincare, but when it comes to toning — do you use a toner or an astringent?

These tips from The Derm Review should help:

Astringent vs Toner on Oily Skin

If you suffer from an excessively oily skin, it may benefit from using an astringent. This will help to reduce or eliminate acne by destroying the bacteria that causes it. Astringents are also effective for a deep cleansing of your pores and the alcohol and chemical ingredients can address pimples and blackheads.

La Biosthetique Visalix Purifiant — Purifying Toning Lotion is a toner that intensively clarifies oily facial skin and also has a calming effect. Visalix Purifiant can fix oily, blemished facial skin. It gently clarifies your skin. The plant ingredients specifically combat blemishes. Camomile extract and bisabolol calm inflammations and redness. New irritations don’t even have a chance to occur. The skin is pampered with moisture and feels incredibly soft. Visalix Purifiant is precisely geared towards the individual needs of oily facial skin for a clean, clear skin sensation and a radiant complexion.

Astringent vs Toner on Dry Skin

The alcohol content found in an astringent means that it is not advisable to use it on dry skin. Further, there is no real need to do so, as the main purpose of this product is to remove excess oil, which by definition is not a problem with dry skin. The harshness of the alcohol will dry your skin out even further. A more sensitive water-based toner can reduce redness and flaking of dry skin, and leave it feeling smooth and soothed by hydrating it.

Astringent vs Toner on Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin types, you should avoid the use of alcohol-based astringents altogether. Witch hazel based products are safer and cause less irritation, but can still cause problems. Instead, if you’re trying to decide between an astringents vs toner, you may wish to start with a toner first, as the balanced PH on the skin may reduce problems with excess oil and irritation.

Astringent vs Toner on Combination Skin

Classic combination skin is when your forehead, nose and chin are oily and your cheeks and jaws are dry. With this type of skin it is best to steer clear of an alcohol based astringent. Instead, opt for one with witch hazel to normalize your combination skin.

Astringent vs Toner: Frequency of Use

To decide how frequently to use an astringent vs toner, bear in mind that overuse of a toner won’t hurt your skin, but overuse of an astringent will. Use too much astringent and your oily skin will produce even more oil to protect itself from becoming dehydrated. It’s a paradoxical defence mechanism that many individuals with oily skin are not aware of, and continue to inadvertently exacerbate the problem. The main thing to consider when considering an astringent vs toner is what type of skin-type you have, and to use these products in small quantities until you’re more familiar with their effects.


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