Why is my skin so red?

Maria-Galland-Gentle-Soothing-Cream-213-abloomnova.net_-1600x1065 Why is my skin so red?

Redness. A skin concern that can be indicative of many things including sunburn, rosacea, sensitive skin or an allergic reaction. We enlisted the help of ContourDerm to help us answer the standard red skin FAQs.

1. If my skin is red, does that mean I have sensitive skin?

Not necessarily. Skin redness can be caused by a number of contributors, including rosacea or you may be experiencing a reaction to topical facial product. However, it’s important to note that, for some, skin may easily turn red and may be an important indicator of sensitive skin. Other indicators include skin that easily becomes blotchy, breaks out in a rash, itches or stings in response to product or the weather. The good news is that sensitive skin is easy to manage once it’s diagnosed.

2. What is the difference between sensitive skin and rosacea?

Sensitive skin is just one aspect of rosacea. Unfortunately, in some instances, sensitive skin is misdiagnosed as acne or just a rash. Other symptoms of rosacea include small visible blood vessels on the face, bumps or pimples, and watery, irritated eyes. It’s important to check with your skin care professional to see if you have rosacea.

3. If my skin is red can I still exfoliate or will this cause irritation? Are there specific ingredients I should avoid if I have redness in my skin?

Because red skin is often irritated skin, exfoliating, and other harsh abrasives, is not typically recommended. Avoid scrubbing, picking, peeling or using any kind of harsh or drying agents like alcohol or beta hydroxy acid.

4. How do I minimise the redness in my skin?

Depending on what is causing your redness, you may have options: If you are diagnosed with rosacea, there are several options available to you which include a topical skin care system like Obagi Rosaclear, as well as more aggressive treatments, like laser therapy performed in-office. Results will vary from person to person, so it’s recommend that you discuss all of your options with your doctor before choosing a treatment.

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