Carita lagoon cream — nectar for mature skin

Carita-lagoon-cream-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Carita lagoon cream - nectar for mature skin

Carita, a skincare specialist based in Paris, specialise in the development and manufacturing of anti-ageing products. The Carita lagoon cream is particularly valuable to mature skin, with a blend of ingredients that helps to lock in moisture, nourishes skin cells, and strengthens the skin’s natural defence.

We sell a few different types of Lagoon Cream which are all available on Abloomnova website.

Carita Ideal Hydratation Creme Riche des Lagons – Rich Lagoon Cream

Bursting with nourishing, restructuring and moisture-retaining active ingredients, Crème Riche des Lagons improves the skin’s ability to preserve its water and lipid reserves and offers it continuous hydration with a moisture-diffusing virtual micro-patch.

Actions & Results: This protective and preventive anti-ageing cream helps to energise the skin and strengthen its natural defences. Perfectly nourished and protected, the skin appears luminous and glowing with beauty.

How to use: Apply on perfectly cleansed face and neck, morning and evening.

Carita Ideal Hydratation Creme des Lagons – Lagoon Cream

Bursting with restructuring and moisture-retaining ingredients, lagoon cream increases the skin’s ability to maintain its moisture reserves and offers continuous hydration.

Actions & Results: A moisture-diffusing virtual micro-patch, creates a drop-by-drop moisturising system. Rich in noni extract, the Tahitian fruit known for its revitalising properties, lagoon cream helps to energise the skin and reinforce its natural defence system. The skin is firmer and supple.

How to use: After cleansing, apply to the face and neck in the morning and evening.

Carita Ideal Hydratation Serum des Lagons – Lagoon Serum

A real Radiance-Hydrating Activator, Sérum des Lagons provides an immediate and long-lasting moisturising effect for the most dehydrated skin, thanks to lagoon water and the hydra-imperia complex which helps to trap water at the very heart of the skin, to keep it lastingly hydrated.

Actions & Results: This fluid and refreshing gel texture immediately hydrates and “plumps up” the skin. Day after day, the skin’s suppleness and vitality are restored, leaving it radiant with new energy.



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