A man’s guide to skincare

Biodroga-Men-24-h-Moisturizing-Fluid-abloomnova.net_-1059x1600 A man's guide to skincare

Men don’t need to bother with a skincare routine, right? Wrong. Men tend to have oilier skin, tend to sweat more and have less of a, how do we say, fixation with their complexion than women — meaning there tends to be more risk of blemishes, dryness, breakouts and infection from shaving cuts or ingrowing hairs.

So, in fact, men more than women need to be on top of their skincare. And it’s not that tricky. Even if it’s cleansing and moisturising twice a day — this will make a massive difference to the health and appearance of your skin.

Here GQ helps us break it down with the basics…

1. Start with the Skin in the Mirror
Even if your skin is oily, you need moisturizer. Men tend to be a little more oily and sweaty than women. But it’s a myth that men don’t need to moisturise. Get a bead on what you do have: Is your skin oily, Sahara-dry, or somewhere in between?

2. Read More Than Just the Price Tag
You can break moisturiser down by ingredient. Ointments and creams use oil and water; the more oil, the thicker they are. Use them for drier skin. Many alcohol-infused moisturisers (words to look for: gel, mattifying) are lighter options. Alcohol sounds like a bad idea, but if you’re greasy or sweaty, it’ll help dry you out—the opposite of booze’s regular purpose.

3. Moisturise Like You Brush Your Teeth
Twice a day, at least. First, right after you shave. Shaving is fairly traumatic. Those blades strip away some oil and the dead skin that protects the skin. Use something on the lighter side. But when you re-up before bed, try a heavier cream that will last you all night.

4. Then Apply, Apply, Apply Again
Just showered after a midday workout? Moisturize. Been strolling around in the cold or in Death Valley temps? Do it again. Shaved midday? You know the drill. You can’t really overdo it on the moisturizer front. (Well, you can: If you’re breaking out, ease up to once a day, or less.)

One of our most popular moisturisers for men is Biodroga Men 24-h Moisturizing Fluid which is a light, non-greasy moisturiser for men that optimizes the skin’s moisture content, tones and strengthens the skin and vitalises the skin. This cream supports and activates skin functions, improves skin elasticity and makes skin smooth and supple.


Key ingredients:
Algae extract, Fucogel®, Avocadol®, Wheat protein, Ginkgo biloba extract.

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