Guinot Matizone – oily skin’s salvation.

Guinot-Matizone-abloomnova.net_ Guinot Matizone – oily skin’s salvation.

Do you find your makeup is sliding off your face by the afternoon? Oily skin is a nightmare when you want to avoid shine and get some longevity on makeup. To get mattified, we recommend the following tips, and the generous use of the wonderful Guinot Matizone.

Before we big-up this product, here’s a few tips for allowing makeup to stay on for as long as possible when you have oily skin include the following…

  1. Always prime your skin first.

When you have an oily complexion, using a makeup primer helps everything stay set. Start priming the oiliest areas (so, the T-Zone — forehead, nose, and chin) with an oil-free, anti-shine primer. Apply it after you’ve cleaned your face but before you put on foundation, powder, or other makeup.

  1. Prep your peepers.

To cut down on eye makeup creasing, avoid priming your lids with concealer. Instead, use a primer specifically designed for eyelids. The base creates a perfect canvas for eye shadow and liner while absorbing crease-causing oils throughout the day.

  1. Don’t overdo powder.

You might think powdering will be the perfect ingredient for excess oil, but going overboard could backfire by making your pores push out more oil. Apply powder just on areas that are shiny. Use a matte translucent formula, which can cut shine on any skin tone. If you do apply too much powder, dampen a makeup sponge and blot it over the over-powdered areas.

  1. Carry blotting papers.

No matter how flawless and matte your makeup looks in the morning, if you’re prone to oiliness, you’ll spot shine by midday. Blotting sheets are brilliant because they gently lift the oil from your skin. Others deposit a bit of powder to sop up the oil. The trick to using blotting papers without taking off all of your makeup is to press the paper where you’re oily and then roll it off your skin, instead of rubbing the paper on your skin.

Guilt Matizone is a moisturising cream which hydrates and mattifies your skin. Make-up lasts longer and your skin is matte without becoming dehydrated. Skin regains radiance and complexion is enhanced.

This cream contains active ingredients which include Mati-sponges. These are mattifying powders which instantaneously neutralise shine without drying out the skin like make-up powders.

Another ingredient is hydrocyte complex which is a powerful hydrating the upper layers of the epidermis and protecting active ingredient (long-lasting hydration*, particularly for fragile areas of the face such as the cheeks).


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