What are the secrets to cleansing oily skin?

Dr.-Spiller-Biomimetic-Skin-Care-Eye-Contour-Gel-with-ATP-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 What are the secrets to cleansing oily skin?

What are the secrets to cleansing oily skin?

According to the Love Vitamin, you need to stop washing your face so much!

This may seem counter intuitive to everything you’ve ever been told about oil and acne prone skin, but washing too much and with harsh, drying products is probably making the situation much worse.


Because sebum (your skin’s oil) is not inherently a bad thing. It’s there to lubricate your skin and protect it. When you constantly strip it of its oils, it learns that it must over produce it and it ends up producing so much that you kind of look like you smeared bacon grease on your face. Fun!

So as crazy as it sounds, you really need to cut down on the washing and switch to super gentle, natural products. Absolutely do not wash your face more than twice a day. Personally, I’d recommend  washing only once a day, or you can even quit washing altogether if you’re brave.

For natural, non chemical, non drying products to use, I recommend manuka honey or just plain raw honey, or any of these natural options.

At first, your skin will definitely be really oily and you may be crying to wash it, but DON’T DO IT! Soon your skin will learn that you won’t be stripping it bare assed naked against its will all the time, and will begin to naturally stop producing so much oil.

When you do wash, make sure you use Thalgo Micronised Marine Algae Cleansing Bar, which is a cleansing bar for oily skin or problem skin.

Thalgo Micro-Marine Algae Cleansing Bar combines effectiveness, gentleness and balance and is ideal for oily or problem skin.

This slightly foaming cleansing bar is non-drying due to the presence of calendula oil. It purifies the skin without irritating it, allowing you to enjoy the beneficial effects of micronised algae on a daily basis.

Lather on damp skin in circular motions. For those with oily skin, it can be used with a soft brush on the face. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Active ingredients:

  • Micronised Algae
  • Calendula Oil
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Gentle Cleansing Base

2) Only Wash with Luke Warm Water

Hot water is super drying, and also irritating to acne prone skin. Using it will encourage over production of oil. So only wash your face with tepid water, and try to turn the heat down a notch in the shower if you can.

3) Improve Your Diet and Lifestyle

If you have already cut back on all the washing and products and hot water, but still find yourself a bit oily, then you will have to dig further to resolve the problem. This is because oil production is triggered internally by hormonal reactions that are influenced by your diet and lifestyle.

Improving your diet means cutting back on processed foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, and a few other tweaks depending on your situation. You may also want to try cutting dairy out of your diet for a while, as for many people, the hormones in milk products can have a big influence on acne and oil production.

Other lifestyle factors to improve include getting more exercise, lowering your stress levels, getting more sunshine, and sleeping better.

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