4 reasons to use serum

Payot-Elixir-Ideal-Skin-Perfecting-Illuminating-Serum-abloomnova.net_-1389x1600 4 reasons to use serum

Why should you use a serum? Unlike moisturizers, toners, face oils, etc., serums are a nourishing compote jam-packed with active ingredients that can completely transform skin in just a matter of days. HelloGiggles claims they’re like plastic surgery in a bottle, but without the painful recovery time or the super-steep price tag.

Serums are usually formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients so that a few drops are sufficient to cover the entire face.

Now, why exactly should *you* use serums? It’s simple, really…

  1. You have specific skin care issues to target.

Whether you’re battling acne, age spots, or anything in between, there’s a serum for it. These babies are highly optimized to combat specific issues, so you’ll see a lit bit go a ~long~ way.

By using serums, people are able to intensify the strength of their regimen because a serum is the workhorse. Whether it be for acne, sun damage, pigmentation, aging, elasticity, etc., there is a serum out there that is packed with actives that will work to transform skin.

  1. You’ll see results, stat!

Like we mentioned earlier, serums are designed for (near) lightening-speed results.

Depending on the skin concern, you should start to see results from using a serum within the first seven to 14 days. That’s pretty remarkable because think about how long you have had your skin issues for.  But remember, in order to keep said results, Dakar notes that you’ve also got to keep up your regimen.

It’s like working out; if you get to your ideal weight you need to maintain it. Nothing lasts forever unless you work for it.

  1. You need something *more* than moisturiser.

Moisturisers are an essential part of skin care, there’s no arguing that. But aside from protecting your skin from the outside world, their impact can seem small. Which is exactly why you need the active ingredients in serums to step up and do the work.

The ingredients really range depending on what each serum is trying to accomplish. Anti-aging serums will have antioxidants, peptides, plant stem cells — they run the gamut. The importance is the type of active ingredients used (natural vs. synthetic) and also the percentage a company uses. If they didn’t use enough, a serum will not have the amount of power you are looking for.

Just remember: always layer serum first and moisturiser second. That way, the moisturizer seals in all of the serum’s nourishing properties.

  1. Serums take your skin to the next level.

This is the way to majorly step up your skin care game without adding in a ton of extra effort. Serums do all the work for you, all you have to do is dab a few drops on your skin, and your job is done!

Serums take skin care to a new level because they are formulated to transform skin. Sometimes their consistency may feel similar, but they are two different products and both are important.”

Payot Elixir Ideal — Skin-Perfecting Illuminating Serum is a serum containing Élixir complex and lychee extract that delays, protects and repairs the signs of skin ageing. Look at this product as your partner in the pursuit of perfect skin. It visibly improves skin quality, evens out your complexion, smooths wrinkles, closes pores and combats signs of fatigue, leaving your skin glowing.


Packed with incredible active ingredients which include:
– Elixir complex: Two hyaluronic acids, biosaccharides, trace elements. An antioxidant complex that protects and moisturises, providing the skin with the components it needs to ward off the natural and environmental causes of skin ageing.
– Lychee extract: Improves the skin’s surface, for a glowing, even complexion.
– Vitamin C: Reduces the appearance of blemishes and makes the skin glow.
– Hyaluronic acid: Fills in wrinkles.
– Soft Focus powders: Reflect light, smooth the skin and leave a soft finish.

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