ella-bache-800x529 [SERIES] Secret weapon! Second makeup model with Ella Bache
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[SERIES] Secret weapon! Second makeup model with Ella Bache

“My second makeup model is Kitty, and I was so flattered to get compliment from my tutor for beautifying Kitty’s skin at ‘perfect’ state, guess how?” “The answer may not surprise you, but putting on a moisturizing mask is an important step, way before sitting down for the whole makeup process! I mentioned before how […]

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How to look 20, even if you are not? — Ella Bache

After having an unbelievably hot summer in the UK, have you noticed any changes on your body? Other than getting generous amount of sun-kissed skin, did you check your neck if its got some aging and after-sun problems? We realized many of my friends would have missed how much their neck tells about your age! […]

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Ella Bache

Ella Bache was created by Madam Bache in 1936 in Paris. She was a cosmetic chemist and her methods were revolutionary. She believed as we are genetically different the same truth applies to your skin. She was a very passionate and creative lady; also she has scientific understanding about skin and natural ingredients. Madam Bache […]