Exfoliating tips for perfect skin

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While we’re taught to look after our skin, exfoliating often seems like too abrasive an act to perform on skin that needs to be looked after. One of our skincare tips is regular exfoliation so how do you do it right? Thanks to Cosmo for the know how tips…

1. My skin’s dry. Will exfoliating strip it?

Not necessarily. In fact, flakes can inhibit the full penetration of moisturizer. In addition, oil can get trapped and cause tiny, pimple-like bumps. Your best bet: gentle chemical exfoliators (an AHA-rich serum dissolves bonds between dead cells) or a light facial scrub. Try one, immediately followed by a gentle hydrating lotion, every two or three days.

2. But I’m oily and acne-prone! Will I break out?

Stay away from rough physical scrubs, which can contribute to breakouts. Chemical versions — such as a face wash made with hydroxy acids like glycolic or salicylic — remove grime and penetrate oil to break down pore-clogging dead skin cells.

3. I’m way too sensitive … right?

Gritty scrubs are definitely off-limits but most people can benefit from a mild, short-contact exfoliating product. Consider a cleanser or toner rich in fruit or plant enzymes, twice a week, to deep clean gently.

4. What should I do for my normal skin?

«Normal» usually means «combo» — an oily T-zone and dry cheeks — which can benefit from the Goldilocks of exfoliators: baking soda. In a waterless, powder-cleanser form, it’s easy to adjust the strength: Add less water for a stronger scrub (perfect for the T-zone) and more for a gentler one (ideal for the cheeks). Do this two or three times a week.

If you’re after a gentle but very effective skin exfoliator, let us point you in the direction of Thalgo Exfoliating Lotion — Lotion Lumiere Exfoliante is designed for all those wishing to brighten their complexion, who already have visible pigmentation marks or want to prevent their appearance.

Formulated with the Clear Expert Complex and a high content of exfoliating salicylic acid, this lotion is the first step in our brightening rejuvenating programme. Your complexion recovers its radiance and your skin is ready to receive the skincare products. The complexion regains its radiance and luminosity, and the skin’s texture is refined.

Active ingredients:
• Salicylic Acid
• Clear Expert Complex: Dulse, Daisy and Licorice Extracts
• Oligo-Saccharides


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