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Babor Refine Cellular 3D Cellulite Fluid 14x10ml

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A firming active concentrate with a three-dimensional effect to support the treatment of cellulite.

It promotes the firmness of the connective tissue and visibly improves any unevenness in the skin. The skin feels firmer and its surface has a smoother, firmer and more even appearance.

The innovative active complex of hexapeptide-39, forskolin and caffeine helps to reduce fat deposits and activate fat breakdown. In addition, Collagen Booster peptide promotes the firmness of the connective tissue and smooths the surface of the skin. Unevenness caused by fat deposits is visibly improved.

How to use:
Hold the ampoule upright, shake it, then tap the top end lightly until all the fluid runs down to the bottom. Turn the ampoule round so the colored dot is facing you. Wrap a tissue around the neck of the ampoule and grip it between the thumb and the index finger of your other hand. Place your thumb on the dot and press down against it with a sharp movement to snap the ampoule open. Pour the fluid into the palm of your hand and massage it into the problem areas on the body. Using the lotion in combination with 3D Cellulite Fluid intensifies the effect.

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