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Biodroga Puran Formula – Anti Blemish Creme 15ml


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Fast acting special product against skin impurities.

Skin impurities can have different causes, for example:
– Cornification disorders.
– Excess sebum.
– Metabolic disorders and hormonal triggers.
– In addition, there are often bacteria, which find an ideal breeding ground especially on oily and combination skin.

One or more of these factors increase the skin’s tendency to become inflamed.

As a result, the skin becomes impure, loses elasticity and is prone to inflammation and irritation. In addition, excess sebum and cornification disorders lead to the development of blackheads. The bacteria that multiply then cause pimples and inflammation.
Licorice root extract and lichen extract have a bacteriostatic effect and allow inflammatory impurities to subside more quickly. Regular use makes the skin appear clearer and purer.

Pimple cream:
– Acts quickly against pimples and blemished skin
– Quickly remedies inflammable impurities
– Has an absorbing effect due to healing earth and zinc oxide
– Provides fast help due to special combination of active ingredients.

How to use:
As an “immediate aid”, dab onto the affected skin areas several times a day.

Tip: If impurities occasionally appear even on dry skin, apply the pimple cream in an acute state or at the first sign of impurities to the respective area until the impurities subside.

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