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Dr. Spiller Balance – Mountain Creek The Purifying Ampoule 7x2ml


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The Purifying Ampoule
Perfect to combat blemishes such as pimples and comedones as well as enlarged pores and a pallid, grayish complexion due to very oily skin.

  • Skin remains matte for longer
  • Refines the pores
  • Helps prevent sebum buildup
  • Firms the connective tissue
  • Balancing the skin flora
  • Helps prevent the formation of pimples and comedones

Control & moisture
When the skin’s microflora is out of balance, this can allow pimples, blemishes and irritation to develop. Skin that is very oily often has a grayish, pallid appearance. The Purifying Ampoule restores the skin’s proper balance – the requirement for clear, pure skin and a fresh, radiant complexion.

An enzyme complex acts in combination with Alpine Willowherb to refine the pores and regulate sebum. Yarrow, Horsetail and Alpine Skullcap have an anti-inflammatory effect and support skin regeneration. The highly concentrated active ingredients are embedded into a moisturizing base with Hyaluronic Acid as the main ingredient. This base acts as a carrier system that transports exquisite ingredients deeply into the skin where they can fully unfold their maximum power. Perfume-free.

Back to balance
Nowhere is the purity of nature as evident as among high mountain peaks. Crystal-clear springs wind their way through every rock crevice, through caves and gorges, tempting you to immerse your body into their fresh, turquoise depths. Plunge into the sensation of complete purity with MOUNTAIN CREEK.

Active Ingredients
Chinese Skullcap Extract, SebEnzym, Alpine Willowherb Extract, PoreRefine, Horsetail Extract, Yarrow Extract

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