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Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Fruit Acid AHA Toner 500ml


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For Professional Use. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is an abrasive agent with natural fruit acids.
It has a keratolytic effect on the horny layer of the skin and improves skin renewal process.

An AHA toner to speed up the skin’s renewal process with a keratolytic effect on thick, keratinized skin.

Skin Type
Hyper keratosis, retention keratosis and extremely thick skin conditions. Recommended use only in case of skin conditions as described.

Active Ingredients
AHA / Alpha Hydroxy Acid:

  • Has exfoliating and emollient properties
  • Reduces keratosis, moisturizing, for dry, irritated and aged skin
  • AHA’s = variety of acids, for example Citric Acid from Citrus Fruits, Glycolic Acid from Sugar Cane, Lactic Acid from Sour Milk, Malic Acid from Apples

Hamamelis Virginiana / Distillate / Witch Hazel:

  • Effective against free radicals – UVB absorber
  • Healing, soothing, anti-itching properties, astringent
  • Called Witch Hazel: blooms only in late autumn when leaves have fallen
  • Distillate of the medicinal plant Hamamelis Virginiana which mainly grows in North America

Lipids: 0%
Base: Water Base
pH: 3.8– 4.0

Professional Use Only:
To be used as toner during treatment procedure.

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