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Dr. Spiller Glow Shooting Star – The Radiance Ampoule 7x2ml


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The Radiance Ampoule
The best choice when you want the skin to become radiant again and has lost its natural GLOW due to various stressors.

  • Relaxes reactive skin processes
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Optimal moisture buildup and ideal moisture distribution
  • Maintains energy levels through comprehensive protection
  • Actively regenerates even under stress
  • Smoothes facial expression lines
  • Increases skin radiance

Energy & radiance
When the facial contours are surrounded by a natural glow, the face is perfectly highlighted. Blemishes disappear as if by magic, the complexion appears even and clarified. The Radiance Ampoule returns the skin to its natural glow.

A unique combination of Moonstone and plant extracts firms the skin’s structure and makes it luminous. White Hibiscus and Baobab Fruit strengthen the skin from the outside and relax from the inside, while Thermophilus Extract energizes the cells. The highly concentrated active ingredients are embedded into a moisturizing base with Hyaluronic Acid as the main ingredient. This base acts as a carrier system that transports exquisite ingredients deeply into the skin where they can fully unfold their maximum power. Perfume-free.

Radiant as the stars
Did you know that approximately 10,000 billion falling stars burn up in the universe every day? These brilliant visions against the night sky have a certain magic that SHOOTING STAR brings to your skin. This ampoule gives the skin a delicate, healthy glow and makes your wish for magical beauty come true.

Active Ingredients
Thermophilus Extract, Lily Extract, Locust Bean Tree Extract, Moonstone, Mimic-Control, Yarrow Extract

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