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Dr. Spiller Source Of Beauty Cool Down – Intense Recovering Spray 200ml


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The Intense Recovering Spray
The perfect addition to a daily skincare regimen for every skin. Ideal when skin is prone to irritation or during times of strain due to heat and environmental stress.

  • Relaxes and soothes the skin
  • Increases the skin’s moisture volume including skin cells
  • Revitalizing and refreshing
  • Reduced strain
  • Effectively counteracts premature skin aging caused by inflammation aging
  • Ideal for insect stings!

Soothes and cools the skin
Inflammatory processes deep inside the skin are a tremendous burden. To control them, the skin’s immune system has to work overtime. The skin activates all available processes to eliminate sources of inflammation. The Intense Recovering Spray is the best support you can provide from the outside.

BioCalm and Lily Extract inhibit the triggering of irritation and reduce skin reactions. Italian Strawflower Extract fortifies sensitive skin and reduces inflammation. Quickly soothes, regenerates and improves skin protection with Allantoin, Panthenol and Thermophilus Extract. Purslane adds a lasting hydrating effect. The perfect complement to any intensive ampoule treatment as a permanent, integral part of the daily skincare regimen. Perfume-free.

Moisture kick with anti-inflammatory effect.
Rich, deep colors, mysterious moods and breathtaking biodiversity – the underwater world with its innumerable facets holds a deep fascination for us. The deep blue of the water is powerfully soothing and allows our bodies and our senses to experience a deep sense of calm. Experience the soothing and cooling effect of SOURCE OF BEAUTY and dive into a world of fascinating beauty.

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