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Dr. Spiller Strength – Timeless Woods The Firming Ampoule 7x2ml


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The Firming Ampoule
Perfect to counteract a loss of tone, expression lines and to give skin a youthful appearance with defined facial features.

  • Initiates a natural skin lifting process
  • Builds volume and firms
  • Firms and helps maintain V-shape
  • Defines the facial features

Defines & firms contours
Loss of tone and elasticity are very clear signs of a degenerating matrix. Compared to youthful skin, collagen and elastin synthesis is greatly slowed. Collagenases and elastases become increasingly active and the skin loses substance. The Firming Ampoule is perfect for countering these effects.

Vitamin B3 supports the skin’s natural repair mechanisms. Paracress combined with Matrifirm firms facial contours and strengthens the network of collagen fibers. Two highly active ferments enhance the skin’s elasticity and provide enhanced tone. The highly concentrated active ingredients are embedded into a moisturizing base with Hyaluronic Acid as the main ingredient. This base acts as a carrier system that transports exquisite ingredients deeply into the skin where they can fully unfold their maximum power. Perfume-free.

Power against the signs of aging
Massive, 3000-year-old Sequoias rise from the earth like unshakeable giants, a true testament to the power of nature. Their resilient bark is so strong it even shields them from forest fires. Regenerative processes heal existing cracks. TIMELESS WOODS fortifies the skin, giving it the strength it requires for firm contours and to resist against the signs of aging.

Active Ingredients
Matrifilm, Communication Peptides, Bacillus Ferment, Paracress, Vitamin B3, Flavonoids from the Japanese Pagoda Tree, Marine Ferment Extract

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