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Dr. Spiller Wake-up Call – Fresh Morning The Activating Ampoule 7x2ml


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The Activating Ampoule
Perfect for refreshing fatigued skin in the morning and protecting stressed skin against everyday stressors.

  • Quick boost of energy that instantly freshens the skin
  • Highly effective anti-pollution protection
  • Effectively minimizes skin stress to maintain skin health
  • Maintains and enhances elasticity and tone
  • Initiates skin rejuvenation, smoothes wrinkles and evenly reflects the complexion

Protection & strenght for the day
In order to be perfectly equipped to deal with all the challenges of the day, our skin needs effective protection against environmental stress, fluctuating temperatures and blue light. The Activating Ampoule wakes up the skin in the morning with an invigorating boost of freshness and supplies it with everything it needs to maintain this freshness throughout the day – whether it be an 8-hour-day at the computer, polluted city air or travel-related stress. The ampule helps prevent skin damage and the visible signs of fatigue.

Oriental Tea Compound combined with a bioactive mineral complex boosts natural skin functions. A marine ferment extract protects against blue light. Q10 and Vitamin C are invigorating and activating. Microscopic stress protection molecules shield the skin from environmental stressors. The highly concentrated active ingredients are embedded into a moisturizing base with Hyaluronic Acid as the main ingredient. This base acts as a carrier system that transports exquisite ingredients deeply into the skin where they can fully unfold their maximum power. Perfume-free.

A new day begins
As the first rays of sunshine make their way across tree- tops and mountain forests, they gradually warm the cool morning air. Dew-enveloped grasses and plants begin to glisten as nature wakes from its slumber. Awaken yourself and your skin with a revitalizing boost of freshness. FRESH MORNING activates the skin cells and invigorates your senses for a radiant start to your day.

Active Ingredients
Ectoin, Oriental Tea Compound, Bioactive Mineral Complex, CoQ10, Marine Ferment Extract, Vitamin C

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